Why my Great Grandma didn’t have Crohn’s…

This interesting read was sent to me by a good friend who clearly still does some extra reading about Crohn’s on my behalf! Thank you for your love and support!

Anyway, it’s a blog called “Gutsy by Nature” and there is a very interesting post about traditional foods and how the increase in Crohn’s and other inflammatory digestive diseases have increased in the last couple of decades. And what can be attributed to this? The food in our diet.

How we eat nowadays is very different to how we used to eat “back in the day” – more processed food, more sugar, less fresh fruit and vegies and lots more wheat products compared to the good ol’ days of freshness from your garden and a healthy slab of butter!

So even though we cannot reverse the Industrial Revolution and all the amazing technology and food production processes (not that we would want to!) that have helped support our growing world in the last 100 years (but that have processed yucky foods now exploding everywhere!), we can definitely do more to help our guts by eating better and trusting the healing that diet can bring. And yes, it takes time and energy to prepare meals and do the right shopping AND it takes perseverance and a disgusting amount of will power to say “No” to all the easily accessible and delicious foods out there (wah, I miss you gluten and dairy!) but hey, unless you haven’t tried diet as a healing method, you KNOW it works!

Every little bit makes the difference x

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