Merry Christmas Amber!!

We truly hope you have the most wonderful Christmas ever this year.  After everything that you both (as individuals and together) have been through, you deserve a very merry christmas – Be it without alcohol, chocolate gluten, dairy sugar, seeds, nuts and some meats and vegetables!!  Yay.

Anyway – You got us as your secret santa’s this year.

Here is your present!

A fully optimised Crohn’s blog with an already set up back link profile.

This site is social media enabled and you can link it to what ever you want to set up.

You will no longer be providing links on behave of, but be able to set up your own fully independent project.

There are more formatting and layout options than before, and you have access to more styles and designs.  There are more image options including a feature image for every post (if you wish).  With this site you’ll be able to choose and customise ads from google if you wish to have them, as well as set up affiliate links to items on amazon and across the web to make a profit from their sales.

There is a huge side bar to fill with heaps of widgets and plugin’s and heaps of great stuff.

As part of your present I wanted to come round to your house one afternoon before we head home and take you through all the changes and chat with you about what is possible and what you might be interested in.  Hope you love it, and we look forward to seeing where you take it.

Lots of love,

Meg and Leigh.



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