Live to learn, and learn to live…

This time last year, I couldn’t walk. I was in a lot of pain, very unsure of what was happening within my body and just downright miserable. My Crohn’s was rearing it’s ugly head after being dormant for several years.

After visiting my surgeon yesterday, he was very impressed with my progress! Everything is settling down, stricture is very relaxed and he even spoke about taking the setons out sometime this year. I celebrated by having a little cry. Actually, that’s a lie. It was a big cry. A big, ugly, sobby cry of relief in my car, on my way home. My husband said to me “You’ve done a 180 degree turn and gone passed where you were last year” – I’m even better than I was BEFORE I got sick.

So some things I have learned:

1. I misunderstood what my Crohn’s was all about. It is amazing how ignorant I was about it, and it wasn’t until I started this blog that the real learning began. Asking my doctors lots of questions to develop my understanding helped me know how to really help myself.

2. I honestly believed that I was “cured” of Crohn’s. I didn’t understand the doctor’s lingo when they said there was no traces of Crohn’s in my body. I now know that they meant the Crohn’s wasn’t “active”. I was taking it literally – there is no Crohn’s in my body! I am cured! Wrong.

3. The power of diet to heal. Holy shit. How my life has changed since going gluten and dairy free.

4. Stress management is ESSENTIAL! Exercise, yoga and meditation. I wish I had given these a chance sooner to actually change my life. But it all came to me when it needed to be.

5. Talking and blogging about what I was going through and not hiding it allowed me to let go of the suffering. Letting people look after me, love me and support me was incredibly scary, but extraordinarily beneficial in getting me closer to healing.

I guess that’s why it’s important to live to learn, and learn to live. Even though things that you live through can be horribly traumatic, there is a silver lining to everything. The eternal optimist within me is soldiering on!

Would love to hear what you’ve learned from your Crohn’s experience. Share the love and learning! x

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