Dietary restrictions…

Through another friend of mine who also has Crohn’s, I found this article from Sarah Wilson, the champion of “I Quit Sugar” about the power AND lack thereof of diet in healing chronic illness.

And it’s brilliant. Although, I did feel a twinge of sadness reading it, but mainly because I know, deep down, that it’s true. The article talks about the concerns of unwell people who are SOLELY using diet as a way of healing diseases. And as much as I am a massive advocate for food and its healing properties, I know that for me, cutting out gluten and dairy (and the 100 million other things) will NOT cure me. It is a delicate balancing act of EVERYTHING – food, medicine and alternative therapies combined with a positive attitude, determination and an awareness of what is truly happening in my body.

I know that eating well helps me feel better and helps prevent a lot of the symptoms such as inflammation that comes with Crohn’s, but diet is a form of MANAGEMENT, not a cure. I wish it was as simple as eating well and everything would just fall into place, but I also know that “bending the rules” of my diet still happens, so I’m grateful that I have all the other features of my health management plan to depend on to accommodate the slip ups. And vice versa – when my medicine isn’t doing enough of the job, I need to go back to my healthy eating to support my system.

So my advice is to be open to learn about the many different ways of healing and management that can be available to you, no matter what you are going through. You’ll find your winning combination that helps prevent flare ups and manage your life better at some point.

Don’t just depend on that ONE thing – looking after yourself requires a lot more support than that from many different avenues, and although food and diet is a fantastic way of helping the healing, it can’t be the only thing you do.

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