Why my Great Grandma didn’t have Crohn’s…

This interesting read was sent to me by a good friend who clearly still does some extra reading about Crohn’s on my behalf! Thank you for your love and support!

Anyway, it’s a blog called “Gutsy by Nature” and there is a very interesting post about traditional foods and how the increase in Crohn’s and other inflammatory digestive diseases have increased in the last couple of decades. And what can be attributed to this? The food in our diet.

How we eat nowadays is very different to how we used to eat “back in the day” – more processed food, more sugar, less fresh fruit and vegies and lots more wheat products compared to the good ol’ days of freshness from your garden and a healthy slab of butter!

So even though we cannot reverse the Industrial Revolution and all the amazing technology and food production processes (not that we would want to!) that have helped support our growing world in the last 100 years (but that have processed yucky foods now exploding everywhere!), we can definitely do more to help our guts by eating better and trusting the healing that diet can bring. And yes, it takes time and energy to prepare meals and do the right shopping AND it takes perseverance and a disgusting amount of will power to say “No” to all the easily accessible and delicious foods out there (wah, I miss you gluten and dairy!) but hey, unless you haven’t tried diet as a healing method, you KNOW it works!

Every little bit makes the difference x

Inspiration at any age

My sister sent me this video of a 96 year old woman who is a yoga teacher and does ballroom dancing, and it blew me away! It really is Inspiration at any age! Not only does she look sensational, but she is full of wisdom, sharing that whatever you put in your mind materialises, so be positive and look for the good in everything.

Think happy thoughts. Think healing thoughts. I am happy, and I am healed.

And I should go to a yoga class…



Stimulation you Don’t Want

Stimulation that you don’t want…

Caffeine isn’t so great for your guts if you’ve got Crohn’s Disease or any other inflammatory bowel disease… gives you the liquoops and makes things feel a little too intense in your midsection. This article outlines some issues associated with caffeine, especially causing a laxative effect and being quite acidic – doesn’t make your guts feel too good. What I found interesting is that caffeine increases your stress hormone levels which actually divert blood from your digestive system! Yikes!

For years I had noticed that caffeine and I didn’t get along – if I had black tea or a coffee, it would actually cause a red flushing of my face, which in Chinese medicine is called Liver Yang and relates to your liver function (under a lot of pressure from all my meds anyway), a leaky gut or digestive issue – BINGO! Ticking all boxes here! Caffeine would also stimulate me – and not in that “I-am-functioning-at-the speed-of-light” type of stimulation that gets you through the day and makes you uber efficient, but it would make me have the runs… Never a good option for someone with Crohn’s who already has pooping issues! Plus, people with bowel problems should avoid drinking anything with a diuretic effect at all costs, I mean, we are already not absorbing vitamins and other vital elements through our guts, do we want to add dehydration to the mix?

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How a punch to my boob affected my guts

Funniest thing happened to me on Wednesday night – I play in a basketball team and I returned to the competition after being away for 4 months due to recent relapse. Feeling better and stronger to play, I went onto the court. Obviously I took it easy, didn’t push myself too far… but then I got punched in the boob! Super hard! A punch right into my left nipple! It felt like it should’ve bruised immediately, but it didn’t, and it was weird grasping at my boob and trying to massage it while I was still running around on the court. Anyway…life goes on…boob hurt for a the whole next day too. I’m talking super aching.

So I went to my acupuncturist today (every Friday evening I have a session to zen my week and to heal my EVERYTHING) and she asked me how I was going, how work was, whether I had returned to basketball…the usual friendly chat as I lay on the table relaxing, with some small needles shallowly puncturing my body… and I told her my funny story of being punched in the boob. She asked me if it still hurt and I said “sort of” so she started to do some resonance (an energetic healing technique – similar to reiki but on Chinese acupuncture points) over my left boob and said that she could feel that there was a blockage there. She then asked me if I had had any trouble with my stomach since then… I was like, OHMIGOD! YES! I’ve had the “liquoops ” (liquid poops – I coined this term to describe the “not-quite-diarrhea” stage) for the last two days, and it’s been really bizarre because I have been a pooping machine! Usually I just go twice a day, but the last 2 days I had gone 5 or 6 times in the day! [Read more…]

Things to Remember when Everything is Going Wrong

When everything goes wrong, remember this…

Lifebuzz putting things into perspective…

As much as I would like to NOT have Crohn’s, I have to admit that I agree with #1 that pain is a part of growing, and that my scars are symbols of my strength from #4. They have created who I am today…which is why I ultimately just keep on going (#8)!

Enjoy the read.