A year later…

It is just over a year to the day that I last posted… I went into hiding as life got in the way with work and play, I was dealing with my Crohn’s, healing my Crohn’s and felt that talking about it so frequently had run its course.

So, where am I now?

In a MUCH better place, but really, it’s been a 2 year process since my last relapse of getting on top of it, and that has been quite overwhelming at times. It has involved many doctors’ visits, blood tests, tears and tantrums, colonoscopies, seton placements and replacements, abscess draining and cutting out, stricture dilation, salt baths, medication changes, diet adjustments, acupuncture sessions, naturopathy appointments, vitamins and supplements and a mother fucking positive attitude!

Sometimes I surprise myself how I can still smile and laugh through it all – I guess your ability to tolerate and persist through the bad times just gets stronger, your “norm” expands and you can handle it better. Even today while visiting my surgeon, I described my current stricture as “if my butt cheeks have swallowed my anus”, and that I was looking forward to seeing him in surgery in 3 weeks to dilate said stricture because “I always feel like a new woman” after I go in! He just laughed at me, and I laughed at myself too as I penciled in the date of the surgery in my calendar as “an exciting thing to look forward to”!

I guess after it all, what else is there to do but be positive? I will be dealing with this for the rest of my life (until the miracle cure!), so if I can’t change that, I can accept it and move forward.

So, this is what’s happening with my treatment:

  • Medication: Humira (1 injection per week) and Imuran (75mg)
  • Diet: Eating gluten and dairy-free about 90% of the time, not punishing myself when I cheat
  • Surgery: only to help with the stricture, no abscesses (YAY!)
  • Alternative: acupuncture sessions once a week and started meditating (just doing 5 mins a day)
  • Exercise: twice a week with a PT (helps make me feel strong and healthy!) and basketball once a week
  • Feel goods: a massage every once in a while, mani/pedi once a week (treat yo’ self! You deserve it after all this shit!) spending time with family and friends

Am happy with how things are progressing, but there is always room for improvement! My hubby and I want to start a family, but only when things are all healthy with me, so that’s an added incentive for me to stay strong and focused on the healing process. All in good time! xxSBlN9fPi8qBdREDpa-VUF4XXXL4j3HpexhjNOf_P3YmryPKwJ94QGRtDb3Sbc6KY


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